LED Light Music Stand Lamp II

<p>We are excited to announce our new model <strong>1060 LED Lamp II!</strong></p><p>Not only does the new model maintain the best features of its predecessor (model 1050), it now uses replaceable AA batteries and is less expensive!</p><p>Due to smart thinking and new tooling, the new <strong>LED Lamp II</strong> offers much greater flexibility and savings.</p><br>Key features:<br> • Adjustable light positioning for optimum performance<br> • Durable ABS construction<br> • High/Low/Off settings<br> • 15 LEDs for glare-free illumination<br> • Fits easily onto <strong>MANHASSET</strong> Symphony Stands<br> • AC adaptor included<br> • Uses 3 x AA batteries (not included)<br> • One (1) year warranty