Contents: For a Child -Sutherland, In the Dim Counties - Sutherland, Bush Song at Dawn - James Mopoke Hill Alfred, La Musique - Gordon Kerry, Obsession- Gordon Kerry, No 16 from Towards the Source - Kay Dreyfus, My Bird Singing - Mirrie Hill, Full Sail - Vera Buck, No 21 from Towards the Source - Kay Dreyfus, No 24 from Towards the Source - Kay Dreyfus, La Parfum - Gordon Kerry, Les Plaintes - Dun Icare Gordon Kerry, Hymn to God the Father - Le Gallienne, Death Be Not Proud - LeCORNERS LE GALLIENNEound Earths Imagined Corners - Le Gallienne, Batter My Heart Three Person'd - Le Gallienne, Solveigs Song - Le Gallienne, Come Sleep - Glanville Hicks, Farewell Thou Art Too Dear for My Possessing - Le Gallienne, Chanson - Mackenzie Ron King Charles Mackenzie Ron, Simeons Song - Ron Mackenzie, To Daffadils - Ron Mackenzie, Dinahs Song - Rofe/Rothfiel, Cradle Song - Batchelor, Autumn - Batchelor, Rimprovero - George Dreyfus, Rondinella - George Dreyfus, Ogni Speranza - George Dreyfus, Non Maje Da - George Dreyfus.