With a century of craftsmanship, you can get the perfect answer from each touch with WILH. STEINBERG through your fingertips. The pursuit of WS-M170 is to let the music to be heard with the head and the heart. It brings you closer to achieving every single musical dream.

Wilh Steinberg WS-M170 grand piano with a black case and brass fittings. has an eighty-eight note keyboard and three-pedal lyre. Keyboard lid features a slow fall mechanism to prevent the lid slamming. Piano cheeks feature the Wilh Steinberg monogram.

This piano features the best in German design including:

  •     Alaskan sitka spruce soundboard and ribs
  •     Roslau strings
  •     Heller bass strings
  •     Denhonit pin block
  •     Renner hammers
  •     Renner parts action
  •     Kluge keyboard
  •     Klinke agraffes & tuning pins 

The Wilh Steinberg piano is a beautifully made instrument and we recommend you try one if you are in the market for a new grand piano.