Wendy Guan

Wendy Guan, an accredited music teacher of NSW Education Standards Authority. Wendy has nearly 10 years of music teaching experience specialising in teaching younger students, new piano students, AMEB students, HSC music students, English second language students, adult students and group teaching for keyboards and music theory. She is adept at nurturing students’ musicality, building essential finger strength, training strong sight-reading and aural skills for students and teaching general knowledge of music and music theory. She is also a versatile piano teacher who is capable of teaching different music genres from blues to classical piano repertoire. 

Wendy completed a double master degree in Music Studies and Teaching with scholarships. The study of teaching allows her to have the expertise in creating and implementing tailored piano lesson plans for each learner accordingly. Wendy has successful experience in teaching a beginner student to receive an A+ (HD) in AMEB grade 2 within 1.5 years of learning under her tailored curriculum. 

Her experience of working as a Music Theory and Composition teacher at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Open Academy Program provides her perspective that music theory plays an essential role in piano or any music instrument learning so that Wendy always teaches piano with building a strong fundamental knowledge in music theory for students. She dedicates to teach students piano and music theory with challenges and fun at the same time and to nurture musically wise students through encouraging students to use their strengths and to overcome their shortcoming in her high-quality and responsible teaching.