Sharon Zhai’s Master Classes

She, holds a Masters degree in Opera Performance and current principle artist for Opera Australia;

She, has been in numerous operas and concerts in Europe, Australia and Asia, including Cio-Cio-Sang in Puccini’s “ Madama Butterfly”, Musetta in La Boheme, Frasquita in Carmen, just to name a few;

She, Master of three languages and regularly perform in 5 languages;

She was the winner in some prestigious international vocal competitions including O.M.E.G.A. in Florence(2013); "Umberto Giordano" in Lucera, Foggia (2013); "Magda Olivero" in Saluzzo, Cuneo(2012); "Franca Mattiucci" in Canelli, Asti (2012); International Lieder ''Mietta Song Recital Award'' in Melbourne, Australia(2004).

Mrs Zhai is available for teaching all age group singing lessons, no matter you are a professional singer who struggles with your techniques, needing coaching on specific repertoire or students who are preparing for conservatorium or AMEB exams or music scholarships for private schools, you are lucky enough that you have an expert to help you go through it all and help you to achieve your goals. Not only limit to help people with professional needs, she is also teaching music lovers who just want to sing for fun! You will be amazed how your voice can change just after the first few lessons and she is determined to make you succeed.

Furthermore, Mrs Zhai has agreed to teach children singing in this pandemic period of time. Sharon Zhai’s teaching style and target in age group from 6-17 years: Learning to sing takes time. Sharon is very patient and uses various methods when it comes to teaching. She understands immediately what an individual child needs when she starts to sing, she tailors each and every kid for her own needs, uses different and interesting ways to make them enjoy while learning. As an opera singer, she is an expert on teaching stagecraft and performance because she believes singing is communication. She will teach the natural vocal mechanism and use supported breath to produce the sound, rather than trying to make the voice do something.

Course set-up:

There is no specific module to follow specifically when it comes to teach singing, but Sharon is happy to provide a simple guild for the parents of the very beginners:

1: The first stage (week 1-3): Posture of singing, breathing, ear training, scales and closed vowels practice as well as speaking on single notes;

2: The second stage (week 4-6): rhymes and rhythms, copyCat, open vowel exercises, ear training, introducing falsetto, speaking on melody and introducing simple songs: Tarzan of the Apes, Taps, The Holly and the Ivy etc.

3: The Third stage (week 7-10): Copycat, relations between vowels and consonants, speaking on simple melody, singing with emotions and expressions, practice songs: Halloween, Be kind to your web-footed friends, Graduation song etc.

Please understand that this is just an outline of a course in one scholastic term. It would vary depending on different students and the learning process also varies according to the learning ability of every individual. You are welcome to discuss further with Mrs Zhai.


One on One: 

  • 60 minutes AUD$130 two persons group
  • 60 minutes AUD$70 each Four persons group
  • 60 minutes AUD$40 each