Luna Schulte

Luna is Parsons School of Music Little Mozart’s Teacher.

She is a delightful, engaging, fun filled teacher who presents her classes with great skill. 

Luna introduces music to young children through Movement, Singing, EarTraining,

Music Appreciation, General Musicianship and Keyboard skills. The program is 18 weeks and centres around the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozarts Mouse. 

In addition to being an excellent teacher, Luna is also a multi-skilled and diversified musician who has a working knowledge of the theory and practice of many instruments.

Luna’s Professional Teaching Experience includes the following: 

Instrumental Piano teaching, General Classroom Teaching for Preschool students and Music Classroom teaching in primary school.

Luna is currently finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education at Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music and is also working with students in private schools around the Sydney Metro area.

Parsons Music invites you to take the opportunity to have your children taught by Luna in order to build a strong musical foundation for your children.

Please enroll your 3-5 year olds in our School of Music Little Mozart program and experience the joy of music from Ms Luna Higuarshi.