Liam Sinclair is an enthusiastic teacher who has studied guitar for 14 years. He is currently in a few bands that play around Sydney, and has worked in a professional recording and music production studio in Los Angeles . He is currently in his third year of study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. 

Liam specialises in; Jazz and Contemporary Guitar Performance, as well as guitar theory, including: Modes, Harmony and Improvisation. 

Liam encourages and helps students to develop their potential and desire to engage in composition and songwriting. Liam Says that “the guitar is a wonderful compositional instrument” and he believes that learning guitar and using it to compose creates great fun and enjoyment as you practice the instrument.He has taught a broad range of ages and abilities over several years.

Parson Music School welcomes Liam to our Teaching Team and we invite you to book a lesson with Liam today.