Kunchang Hu

Kun Is a well experienced Violin Teacher and Performer with over 20 years of International Teaching. A performer since the age of twelve, Kun began playing more than 100 performances each year in GuangDong China. His expertise was also  demonstrated when Kun performed as the Leader of the Second Violins in the New Continental Chamber Orchestra, Beijing String Quartet and Symphony Orchestra.

Kun entered the Guangzhou Conservatory of Music in 1982: Majoring in Violin education and Viola. Graduating in 1986 Kun commenced  teaching both Violin and Solfeggio. In 1987, he moved to Australia and has participated in various music teaching and performing activities at Chevalier College, Sun's Music Instrument School and Goulburn Conservatorium of Music as “Strings Teacher”. In 2002, he returned to the Composition Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music in China and served there for many years before being offered a role at Hong Kong Parsons Music as the “Strings Teacher” and Consultant in 2010. Speaking English and both Mandarin and Cantonese, he is well equipped to communicate across cultures.

Kun has obtained many achievements in Children’s Music Foundation Training. He has set a high  standard in his lessons resulting in many students becoming active members of Hong Kong’s Music and Performance Communities. Having great passion for teaching Kun enjoys seeing his students develop good playing skills and a love for the instrument. Many of his students have achieved extremely high results in both examinations and performances. For example,  Mary-Clare passed London Trinity College’s LT exam in violin performance. She was the first to achieve this in New South Wales. In the following year, she won second place at an international violin competition and another student Andrew scored 138 in his grade 8 exam, after learning the viola for only 4 years. Shortly after, he became a prominent member of the SBS Youth Orchestra.