Music has been an integral part of Carl’s extensive musical life, from playing in the high school band, studying music foundation through Miller Tafe, Live Performance at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, and acquiring his Bachelors at The Australian Institute of Music.

With over 8 years of drumming experience on stage and tutoring, his performances range from cover bands in Sydney’s South West Clubs, to renowned city venues such as ‘The Lansdowne’ and ‘Botany View Hotel’. From living in a recording studio and live performance space for the past 5 years, he can bring an exciting and efficient approach to getting comfortable behind the kit and covering styles ranging from: Contemporary Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Hip-Hop, Progressive, and Metal.

Carl uses books such as Progressive Syncopation, Modern Drummer and the Rock and Pop Trinity College System to make his lessons interactive and engaging. 

Your lessons will be fun and interesting and you will be able to play with confidence as you: Learn to read Drum Music, Play with Backing Tracks and gain important and valuable skills to be an excellent drummer. Book Lessons with Carl today.