Alan Segura


Alan Segura is a professional artist with wide experience and high music skills, passionate about teaching music. He has successfully completed a 5-year bachelor's degree in Contemporary Music from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Berklee Global Partner), where he was awarded with a scholarship due to his outstanding audition. Likewise, his passion for music has ignited the desire to come to Australia and study a master's degree in Contemporary Music, in order to continue expanding his knowledge and skills.

During the last 2 years, Alan has been working as a teacher in two well-known music schools internationally (i.e.: Brass Band Ecuador, and Euterpe Music Academy). Moreover, he has worked as a musician in several music bands, such as: Zandunga Latin Band, Pocket Jazz Band, and Vortex Rock Band. Playing different genres like: rock, pop, latin, african and jazz styles.



Alan has always enjoyed and loved teaching music. He started teaching when he was 16 years old at his church, volunteering to train the less experienced drummers. Also, while he was finishing his bachelor’s degree, he taught drums to students from a wide range of ages. As a teacher, Alan takes pride in the several performances and recordings accomplished by his students