Roland TD-1DMK Drum kit

$1,099.00 $1,299.00

Roland TD-1DMK Drum kit

$1,099.00 $1,299.00
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  • SKU: 761294513552
  • Brand: Roland
  • Type: Electronic Drum
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This is the drum kit to start to play the drums well because the experience of playing this instrument is fun and fulfilling. The simple sound module is powerful with 15 drum kits all connected to Roland’s dual-mesh pads for snare and toms that match the feel of playing on acoustic drum drums without noise so you can play late at night as well. You  also have headphones, onboard coach functions and the ability to connect to Melodics drum training software to help you reach your goals.


Other Features include:  

  • Tunable V-Drums.

  • 15 Roland Preset drum kits.

  • Dual-layer mesh pads tune up and down for a custom playing experience.

  • Dual-trigger pads offer realistic rim and head articulations.

  • Wide kick pad won’t move as you play and it accommodates double-bass pedals.

  • Cymbals swing and sway for added expression.

  • 10 interactive exercises for building playing skills.

  • 15 play-along songs and a metronome.

  • “⅛” auxiliary input for playing your own music.

  • USB MIDI to send to virtual drum libraries such as EZ Drummer or Superior Drummer.

  • Compact, easy to store footprint.

  • Rack-style adjustable stand is rock solid and fast to set up.

For Beginners – Start Playing Drums

If you’ve haven’t played drums before, you might think it’ll be too difficult, or that learning on an electronic kit is complicated. The TD-1DMK is a hassle-free drum kit that’s easy to set up and intuitive to use. Just connect the power, switch on and connect either your headphones or monitor speakers. You’re ready to start playing an authentic-sounding collection of drums, with a choice of 15 preset kits, for a realistic and engaging drumming experience. And when it’s time to start working on your drum skills, onboard coach functions and Melodics for V-Drums software let you learn the essentials and quickly start climbing the ladder. It’s easy to move around in your home too, so whether you’re playing solo or want to perform for your friends and family, the TD-1DMK can go wherever you play.

For Parents – Help Develop Your Child’s Sense of Rhythm

When your child learns a musical instrument, they also learn about life. Along with discipline and determination, the sheer enjoyment they’ll get when playing drums is priceless. Developing accurate timing and keeping a solid beat are fundamental elements of drumming, and the TD-1 module’s onboard metronome and 10 coach functions show your child how their timing skills are improving. The game-like experience of the coaching functions means that although they’re learning, every session is fun and engaging. Melodics for V-Drums, a free application for Windows or Mac computers, provides a series of free drum lessons that help develop a sense of rhythm without it seeming like hard work.

The TD-1DMK’s pads are quieter than other electronic drums too, so your child can practice without limitation. From durable dual-ply mesh heads to a kick drum pad that absorbs the impact of a beater, all V-Drums are built to be noticeably quieter when played*. The TD-1DMK can continuously support your child as they develop the concentration, patience and physical strength that comes through regular playing.

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