Roland F140R Digital Piano WH

This Amazing Piano has a contemporary design for modern lifestyle living.


The F140R brings an exciting realistic Supernatural sound, the feel of ivory keys using the Progressive Hammer Action (PHA-4) Keyboard and the sound of an amazing grand piano.It is packed with: 305 sounds, 72 amazing Rhythms with Variation that follows you as you play, A 30,000 note storage, A ten song recorder, The ability to use Bluetooth connectivity to use with music score apps and a USB port to connect with computers.


This Piano has an amazing playing experience, rich complex tones and intelligent accompaniment that puts the player in-charge of the band. You can play music from Classical, Latin to Popular styles and this helps to keep time and is more fun than the great metronome that is also in the Piano. 


The Bluetooth enables the use of phone and tablets for sheet music direct and  ios apps like Piascore that have over 70,000 classical music scores. There is also the ability to turn pages of your music, hands free with the use of your piano pedals when using an iphone or ipad. 


With features like: Twin Piano you can have two people play in the same key range together, Built in metronome, recorder to record and share songs. Also Included in the piano is over 300 songs to learn as well as the ability to play all the instruments of an orchestra and experience all this with the unique 3D ambiance effect on headphones.


This piano is truly a wonderful instrument with an amazing piano sound that is perfectly designed for your modern lifestyle. Available in Black Or White.