Book 2 in this special collection includes the works of some of the most iconic and prolific composers of the modern era: Carter Burwell, Ludovico Einaud, Phillip Glass, Michael Nyman just to name a few. Not the same old pieces found in many a collection but interesting inspiring compositions, some written for the screen, all earning their deserved reputations as modern day classics. A perfect addition to any Pianists library. Contents: Antonia (A. Zambrini); Come Sei Veramente (G. Allevi); Dannys Blues (E. Morricone); Dream Of The Forgotten Child (D.H. Lanz); It Was Always You, Helen (Ph. Glass); La Chute, Le Matin (Y. Tiersen); Metamorphosis One (Ph. Glass); Milonga Del Angel (A. Piazzolla); Moonrise (B. Crain); Nightfall (D.H. Lanz); One Summers Day (J. Hisahishi); Rain (B. Crain); The Persuaders - Main Theme (J. Barry)