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THE STORY: Brother Seraphim, head of a boys' home, is a man of charm, humor, and faith. The Home faces financial difficulties, and Brother Fidelis is annoyed at Seraphim's childish dependence on the Lord. The Home is practically bankrupt. There is, however, a neighbor, Barr, who has so far saved it from ruin. When things look worst, Seraphim's Guardian Angel appears to him and, unseen and unheard by others, takes the case in hand. The Angel is a humorous fellow who supplies Seraphim with what turns out to be a solution of his difficulties. He leads Seraphim to the barn and reveals an unknown version of the Declaration of Independence in Jefferson's own hand. This will, of course, bring in more than enough money to save the Home. The Brothers react to Seraphim's story in various ways, some believing what he says and others concluding that he is out of his mind. Due to the Angel's refusal to appear to others, Seraphim is the victim of amusing incidents, and is actually in danger of being sent to a sanitarium. Meantime, one of the boys suspects Barr, and with the help of the Angel the boys discover that Barr is the leader of a group of saboteurs. The Home is now in the limelight of national publicity and the saboteurs are brought to justice. When a purchaser has been found for the manuscript, Seraphim refuses to sell it in the belief that it belongs to the nation. Consternation! The Government, appreciating Seraphim's gesture, accepts the manuscript as a gift, and provides the Home with necessary funds. (There is also a female version of this play available, in manuscript only, which was adapted by Sister Mary Donatus, which would require 16 women and girls.)

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