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THE STORY: To the neighbors, Seymour Haber appears to be an exemplary son. Never a Sunday goes by without his dutifully trekking from his luxury apartment in Manhattan to his mother's shabby flat in Queens to spend the morning. Actually Seymour's purpose is not as filial as it might appear. His mother is a drain on the budget, a threat to Seymour's shaky (and wealthy) marriage and a general millstone who has long since outlived her usefulness. So Seymour devises a number of hilariously diabolic ways to convince her that her faculties have deteriorated to the point where her demise would be a service to all. One other minor problem is that Sunday morning is also the time of Seymour's weekly extramarital assignation at the Plaza Hotel, a fact of which he believes his mother to be ignorant - which, of course, she isn't. However, Mrs. Haber takes a step toward independence by advertising a room for rent, and the tenant who drops in to take it proves to be Griselda, an English beauty who, it turns out, is also a high-priced call girl of international repute. Suddenly Seymour's two Sunday worlds collide as he finds mother's digs more appealing than the Plaza! Needless to say Mrs. Haber's well-honed instincts for survival respond to this, and while the panting Seymour is rewarded he must pay a price. From now on, his Sunday visits will be something more than a duty - and mother's discretion now outvalues her demise. Which, in a bizarre way, means that things have worked out as they should have all along - and as they usually do.

A zany and often outrageous black comedy. Its Broadway version was titled The Mother Lover. Novel in form and outlook, the play deals with a "dutiful" son who visits his widowed mother each Sunday with one thought in mind - how to advance her imminent demise!

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