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THE STORY: Narrated by their teacher/counselor, Tom, the action of the play centers on the daily lives of three mentally retarded adults who are residents at Crystal Park, a self-help facility in upstate New York. Andrea, the natural leader of the group, was a child prodigy in music who now barks orders at her fellow inmates; Freddie, who fancies himself a lady-killer, carries a Club Med folder in his pocket and frequently tries to sneak off to the bus station with thoughts of some fantasy destination in mind; while Richie, the more gentle and withdrawn of the three, wonders why his family has cut off contact with him. Comprised of a series of revealing episodes - some wildly funny, some gently moving - which are commented on by the patient, empathetic Tom (who is, however, reaching the point of "burnout" in his demanding, emotionally wringing position), the play centers on the competition between Freddie and Richie for Andrea's attention and concern and, in the end, provides an eloquent, affecting explanation of why, in their special, oddly remote world, Andrea can, and even must, have two boyfriends.

A truly remarkable work which, with humor and compassion, captures the half-lit world of the mentally retarded. Both a challenge and a tour de force for actors, the play was first produced Off-Off-Broadway, and then went on to a long and critically hailed run at the Burbage Theatre in Los Angeles. "For a play about retarded adults to be sensitive and heart-rending isn't particularly surprising, but for that same work to be delightful and funny as well - as is the case with this little gem of a piece - is remarkable." - Los Angeles Reader. "��a minor miracle - a compassionate study of mentally retarded adults whose singular humanity bespeaks the care and sensitivity of its creators." - LA Times. "Sometimes art and life blend so well that you can't tell where one stops and the other begins. Such is the case of writer David Willinger's ANDREA'S GOT TWO BOYFRIENDS." - Hollywood Reporter. "It's at once funny, touching and painful." - Los Angeles Daily Breeze.

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